Saturday, 7 May 2016

Em-Con 2016 - A Detailed Review

Guests met and discussed in this review :-

• Austin St. John (Jason from “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”)
• Peter Davison (5th Doctor from “Doctor Who”)
• Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor from “Doctor Who”)
• Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra from “Doctor Who”)
• Catrin Stewart (Jenny from “Doctor Who”)
• Shaun Parkes (Zachary Cross Flane from “Doctor Who”)
• David Bradley (Walder Frey from “Game Of Thrones” and Argus Filch from “Harry Potter”)
• Joe Altin (Pyp from “Game Of Thrones”)
• Ian Beattie (Ser Meryn Trant from “Game Of Thrones”)
• Dominic Carter (Janos Slynt from “Game Of Thrones”)
• Hannah Waddingham (Septa Unella from “Game Of Thrones”)
• Lew Temple (Axel from “The Walking Dead”)